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June 9, 2015

This river I step in is not the river I stand in.  This Heraclitian phrase flows gently above the Queen Street acqueduct — recently re-lit with much ceremony to welcome the coming athletes of the 2015 Toronto Pan Am Games. The bridge crosses the Don River and leads visitors into Riverside, a burgeoning Toronto community… Read More ›

Brave New Toronto

Community, Identity, Stability. Clearly, Aldous Huxley had the gift of foresight whilst penning Brave New World, a vision of dystopia bottled in a lab. True, the test-tube created Alphas, Deltas and Gammas pray to the founder of their commerce-centric society, but in our Brave New Toronto, the term “Our Ford” means something entirely different. Our… Read More ›

Mayor Rob Ford vs. Ben Jonson

You’ve heard the news. His Worship, Mayor Rob Ford, defamed and clinging to what’s left of his self-proclaimed dignity, has teamed up with another disgraced drug user, Ben Johnson. This should not come as a surprise — it would seem their careers were meant to collide. Both enjoyed transcendent victories, celebrated with wild, violent fervor,… Read More ›

Blue on Blue

“How about those Blue Jays?” Children of the early 80s will no doubt remember the voice of Fergie Oliver, calling on Jays Nation to rally behind this exciting, charming and wondrous team. As the Toronto Blue Jays rose from the bottom of the cellar, making contention runs in 1983 and 1984, they finally won the… Read More ›

TTC: The Better Way to Get Drunk

I like to think that I’m globally minded, and write for an international audience. Sometimes, though, I can be a little Torontocentric. You would be too, if you lived here with all our greatness and deficiencies bundled together. Still, I’ve been around, and it’s clear to me that we all deal with the same shit…. Read More ›

007 Cocktails: A Night at Luma Lounge

There may not be much time left. Like the laser edging closer to 007’s crotch as Bond lay strapped to Goldfinger’s steel table, the cocktail list at Luma is bound to change. While my recent visit to the TiFF Bell Lightbox exhibit: Designing 007 was a bit of a flop, the post exhibit drinks at… Read More ›

New Year Grooves

New Year’s Eve in Toronto can be like Night of the Living Dead. At around 3am, the downtown core is crawling with zombie-like club goers, roaming the streets in drunken, mindless fury in search of taxis to take them back to the grave. Scantily clad women who’ve not read the weather report wearing skirts about… Read More ›

The Spy Who Loved Toronto

You’d think James Bond would get a better reception his second time around in Toronto. Yes, it’s a not-very-well known fact that James Bond once paid a visit to the Queen’s City. It was in Ian Fleming’s The Spy Who Loved Me, and unlike the movie by the same name (which has no connection whatsoever… Read More ›

Snow in T.O. (and my new Camera!)

It’s a snowy day in Toronto, and since I know you’re just sitting at home wondering what to do, I thought I’d share this opportunity for a lovely little winter adventure with you. Granted, it’s not something I want too many people to know about, because I don’t want to be overrun with sorry assed… Read More ›


A recent night at Guu Sakabar changed my life. Okay that’s a stretch. But it did help solidify for me the fact that, while I’m a relative unknown in North America, I’m actually really big in Japan. Seriously, they love me there. They don’t understand a word I’m saying, but believe, I’m a major celebrity…. Read More ›