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Luna the Tuna

January 4, 2016

At worst, she’ll grow into a conscientious, kind and thoughtful dog… as opposed to a bratty, self-involved dick of a child.


 Analog Magazine has reached its millennium — 1,000 issues published!  What started in 1930 as Astounding Stories of Super Science has been thrilling starbound adventure seekers and igniting imaginations for over 85 years. This is a wonderous feat. In fact, in this age where surviving genre periodicals are about as realistic as time-travelling, shape-shifting Martians,… Read More ›

Thompson vs. Block

This is not a cute fight. It would be nothing less than epic, a crime noir bout of the century, should these two heavyweight writers step into the ring. In one corner is Jim Thompson, often considered the ungodly love child of Raymond Chandler, Dashiell Hammett and Cornell Woolrich. His chilling and brutal works include… Read More ›

Grave Descend

Something’s going down off the coast of Jamaica… and I know you’re just hoping it’s that girl in the bikini. But unfortunately the only thing that goes down in Michael Crichton’s book Grave Descend are your expectations. Way back in the early 70s, the creator of such artful and addictive works as Jurassic Park and… Read More ›

Why this is the Best Lime Daiquiri

I tasted the worst Lime Daiquiri ever and I simply had to do something about it. I was at a bar where they dress their cocktail menu up to look hyper-electric and intense — everything comes with a rim coated in sugar or a giant piece of rotting fruit. I ordered a Lime Daiquiri and… Read More ›

Vinyl Love

Nice and Easy. It has been a very long time since I’ve been able to do this, having long-ago abandoned all forms of music dissemination other than digital downloads. Listener purists have been telling me that nothing has ever been able to remotely replicate the experience of vinyl — that slick, oily sound that feels… Read More ›

Blue on Blue

“How about those Blue Jays?” Children of the early 80s will no doubt remember the voice of Fergie Oliver, calling on Jays Nation to rally behind this exciting, charming and wondrous team. As the Toronto Blue Jays rose from the bottom of the cellar, making contention runs in 1983 and 1984, they finally won the… Read More ›

007 Cocktails: A Night at Luma Lounge

There may not be much time left. Like the laser edging closer to 007’s crotch as Bond lay strapped to Goldfinger’s steel table, the cocktail list at Luma is bound to change. While my recent visit to the TiFF Bell Lightbox exhibit: Designing 007 was a bit of a flop, the post exhibit drinks at… Read More ›

Music for the Robot Uprising

I’m pretty sure Dubstep is the first sign that the machines are learning. They’re creating music now… not just the simple pre-programable stuff that we’ve been doing for years. No — they’re making it popular. Sure, some may say that Skrillex is a “man” behind the machine, but I’m betting that if we pulled his… Read More ›

007: Standing Tall through Christmas

I seem to become progressively homicidal each day that brings me closer to Christmas. Sure, I hate the shopping, the pressure, the family gatherings, the fake commercialism of it all… just as much as the next guy. But what really makes me want to carve Santa’s eyes out with a corkscrew is the music. Christmas… Read More ›