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Martians in London!

June 1, 2015

It’s so bloody typical of London (alas, of many large urban centres) to be so self-centred as to ignore the goings-on of the surrounding villages and countryside. H. G. Wells certainly knew it, and no doubt saw it first hand when the spider-like monsters from Mars invaded the first time. As described in The War… Read More ›

Borderline Blossoms

Lawrence Block knows many things. Many unsavory things. Things like low living, thuglife and despair. Things like sex. Things like murder. And he knows hard drinking. I’m currently in the heat of A Walk Among the Tombstones, another Hard Case Crime Block-buster. The last time we hung out it was with Borderline — the story… Read More ›

One Sunday We Drank Old Fashioneds

And then on Monday we killed them all. I mentioned earlier that the best companion to a John D. MacDonald novel on a hot summer night is a cold Old Fashioned. This is just one of life’s simple, unqualified truths. But you gotta do it right. Face it, when McAran tore apart the quiet world… Read More ›

Unfiltered 22

Well, I guess that’s it for summer. It really did speed by, but hopefully yours was full of sunshine and frivolity. I’m happy to say that mine was fruitful enough, having finally finished staining our patio deck, and getting through as many novels as I could. I even managed to get some writing done —… Read More ›

Carte Blanche

Speaking of new Bonds… one wonders if His Majesty’s Secret Servant would continue, in the modern age, to insist upon his Martinis shaken and not stirred. The truth is Martinis are classically stirred, not shaken. But because of 007’s massive cinematic appeal and influence, good luck finding a stirred cocktail of any sort. They’re all… Read More ›

Nine Planets Sling

The silent invaders are here, infiltrating our workplaces and shops and city streets. They’re even in our bars. I’ve recently introduced you to Robert Silverberg and his intergalactic meanderings. Apparently even alien invaders need a highball now and then. Abner Harris, an alien on a mission of extreme urgency in The Silent Invaders, certainly is… Read More ›

Why this is the Best Lime Daiquiri

I tasted the worst Lime Daiquiri ever and I simply had to do something about it. I was at a bar where they dress their cocktail menu up to look hyper-electric and intense — everything comes with a rim coated in sugar or a giant piece of rotting fruit. I ordered a Lime Daiquiri and… Read More ›

The MaddAddam Cocktail

-Oh Harding, why does the magic juice make you so crazy? -Well, because it’s a cocktail. -What is a cocktail? -It is a gift from your creators, Oryx and Crake. -Did Crake drink the magic juice? -Hell yeah. Then he would do all kinds of crazy things, especially to Oryx. Then he would pass out… Read More ›


I read something on Facebook today… that being a writer means you have homework every night for the rest of your life. It’s so true. It’s an addiction, like alcoholism but with (usually) less damage to the liver. I’ve been delinquent with my homework — and of course I have loads of excuses: * The… Read More ›

The Bitter End

The bitter truth is that summer is nearing its end. But some good may still be garnered from bitterness, as I discovered earlier this year when I found Fee Brothers Bitters. How many times have you come across a cocktail recipe and not known where the hell you’re going to get the ingredients you need…. Read More ›