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No! Not Jon Snow!

June 15, 2015

Last night, at around 10pm Easter Time, you could almost hear the agonizing cry of shock at horror over the death of Jon Snow. “No! Not Jon Snow! How am I supposed to care about anything without Jon Snow!” Sorry, if you’ve been waiting to watch the finale of Game of Thrones, I’ve just ruined… Read More ›

The Goddamn Bugs Whacked Us, Johnny

The clear and present threat of an alien arachnid attack on earth seems reason enough for me to come out of the shadows and start blogging once again. Yes, I’ve remained silent on this issue long enough, and if the human race is to have any hope of survival, we’ll need to learn from our… Read More ›

A Bullet for Cinderella

She was hard to find. Hard to get. Hard to kill. So says the cover of A Bullet for Cinderella, another violent romp through the guts of humanity by John D. MacDonald. Having just finished the book, I can attest at least the first line is true. “Cindy” is definitely hard to find. But she’s… Read More ›

Starkly Parker

One thing I know about Parker… don’t ever double-cross his ass. Richard Stark, the darker side of Donald E. Westlake, made that considerably clear with each and every Parker novel. I gotta wonder if he would have approved of Jason Statham taking on the role of the outlaw anti-hero. Reading through the series is like… Read More ›

New Bonds

James Bond has changed over the years. While most people know him by the various pretenders who portray him in movies, the real Bond is Ian Fleming’s Bond, and he’s so very different. He’s a killer, cold and calculating and a bit hard. Perhaps Daniel Craig comes the closest to nailing his “blunt instrument” persona…… Read More ›


There’s a lot of Silverberg! I recently picked up a couple beat up Robert Silverberg paperbacks from the 60s, devoured them and, still hungry, went out in search of more. I began with The World Inside, a tale of Orwellian girth about a society of condo-dwellers who never leave, cities housed in towering steal, and… Read More ›

You Give Me Fever

Megan Abbott is easily one of my favourite authors writing today. I don’t so much read her books as I’m infected by them, like some inexplicable virus that invades your nervous system — disabling and potentially lethal. It’s a fever that’s hard to shake. It comes upon you in the strangest places, like the soccer… Read More ›

Theory of the Time Traveller

Clearly, I was drinking when I came up with this theory, but I know you will judge it based on its merits rather than assuming it’s the insane delusion of an inebriated Irishman. I think HG Wells is still among us. While literary academia have relegated his works to the fiction shelves, and labelled much… Read More ›

In Other Worlds

Some writers, upon telling people they’re writers, get asked, “what do you write?” When they respond, “I write science fiction,” they inevitably hear in reply, “Wow, I never would have guessed that.” With me it’s the opposite. On the rare occasions that I’m forced to admit that I’m a writer, I get, like, “Cool… so…… Read More ›

All the Time in the World

My last post was the bitter end. So it seemed, anyway, after such a long interlude between then and now. Much has happened since then and I’m not making excuses but my cat died and I lost the desire to blog. Friends come and go, I know, but sometimes they linger and the ghosts of… Read More ›