with Harding Young

No! Not Jon Snow!

Last night, at around 10pm Easter Time, you could almost hear the agonizing cry of shock at horror over the death of Jon Snow. “No! Not Jon Snow! How am I supposed to care about anything without Jon Snow!”

Sorry, if you’ve been waiting to watch the finale of Game of Thrones, I’ve just ruined it for you. But honestly, that horrifying end to the season that more than knocked its viewers off the edge of the wall, was only what the rest of us, those who’ve plodded on through five books of George R. R. Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire, have been talking about for years. 

It just seems so nasty! 

I remember my reaction when I’d finally finished A Dance of Dragons, finding my favourite character, the only character I could relate to, was the victim of deadly betrayal. I immediately went on-line in search of a clue to how Martin would proceed. Maybe Jon Snow lived! Come on, others have survived seven stabs in the torso, why not him?  Or, perhaps, he’s a Warg, and can tranform his soul into the body of a direwolf and carry on leading the men of the black!

As you might suspect, there are plenty of such theories on the web. But sadly, we won’t know until Martin ends his sadistic reign over our hearts and imaginations and finishes his bloody book.  Seriously, the Starks have been telling us Winter is Coming for some time now, and well, the Winds of Winter should come with it. 

Martin says the reason it’s taking him so long is because his book is much, much longer than most books that people write, so we should all just shut up and be patient. 

I suppose you’re right George.  But remember, a reader always pays his debts.

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  1. He has to come back. He.has.to.

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